It was probably somewhere around 6 in the morning when the sounds of chaos began enveloping everything. I was asleep, next to my little sister and my parents, until the movements of my sister, who was cuddling in the middle of us all, woke me up. “Did you hear that?” she asked, swinging back and forth in an effort to wake us from our slumber. The first to wake up was my father. My mom and I almost immediately followed, but none of us answered her question. “Do you hear that?” she insisted, so my father went to her in an attempt to make her calm down. I remained silent and focused all my attention in a single point behind my ear, trying to catch sound as it traveled through the air. I couldn’t hear anything, but my sister didn’t give up I tried once again to listen, just to be unsuccessful again. I was already telling my sister she was crazy when a deep sound made me stop in the middle of my speech.

Geeky, introverted MSc in Computer Science and passionate rock climber. Data lover wanting to share his interest through writing.

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