It was 4:23 PM of the last day before the mid-semester break, according to the old ticking clock that hung from the wall just above the chalkboard, and as expected the students were eager to leave the room even if there was actually still some class time left. Many students even had particular techniques to exert pressure on the teachers until they let them go. Most simply started packing their things, intentionally making noise so that the teacher knew they were not paying attention anymore. Some placed their backpacks on top of their desks to make it evident they were ready to go. And a few rude ones just straightforwardly stood up from their seat and aimed for the door, and if the teacher was ballsy enough to tell them to sit down and wait they would return to their seats, defeated, otherwise they would just leave. However, Miss Joanne was not the ballsy type, so as soon as the students started showing signs of uneasiness, she reminded them about the final exam next Monday and let them free.

Geeky, introverted MSc in Computer Science and passionate rock climber. Data lover wanting to share his interest through writing.

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